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Rates & Services


Educational Therapy:

Educational Therapy involves twice weekly, 80-minute therapy sessions.  These sessions are individualized, one-on-one, and interactive between the student and the educational therapist.  Please note that when the cost of Educational Therapy is compared with the fees of your local franchise tutoring centers or even with private tutors, you will generally find that educational therapy costs much less, especially when considering that educational therapy is superior to tutoring for a child with learning disabilities.   Therapy sessions follow the school calendar year, with arrangements made for summer sessions.  

  Rate for educational therapy: 

2022/23 School Year:

$85 per 80-minute session- for total of two 80 minute sessions per week.


Some students may need intervention specifically just for reading or math or writing.  Contact Lorri Wilke for more details.


 Keep in mind that students who struggle to learn do not benefit from traditional tutoring (Sylvan, Huntington, etc.) since tutoring focuses on academic content and not the underlying skills necessary to learn academic content.



Tutoring shows students WHAT to learn.

Educational therapy shows students HOW to learn.  

Big difference.   




 Lorri serves students in Joliet, New Lenox, Lockport, Romeoville, Plainfield, Shorewood, Minooka, Channahon, Naperville, and the surrounding areas, but tele-therapy is now available in certain situations for those who live far away.  






There is an initial $100 resource fee to cover the cost of student texts, workbooks, and other consumable materials.  The materials fee is $75 annually for returning students.


Students need a large chalkboard fastened to the wall for use in their homes for regular educational therapy homework.  


The individualized educational therapy plan is based on the results of a battery of psycho-educational tests that are partially outsourced to a clinical psychologist.  All psychologist fees are the responsibility of the student's family.






 Evaluation for Educational Therapy:

 This includes the Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement and a variety of other formal and informal tests determined by the individual needs of the student.  

 Testing requires two sessions, approximately 2 and 1/2 hours per session. 

The cost of testing is $475, which includes an evaluation with cognitive testing (which is done separately by a psychologist), written report with recommendations, and parent conference. 






 FAR (Feifer Assessment of Reading)

The FAR is a comprehensive reading test designed to examine the underlying cognitive and linguistic processes that support proficient reading skills.  It comprises 15 individual subtests measuring various aspects of phonological development, orthographical processing, decoding skills, morphological awareness, reading fluency, and comprehension skills.  The FAR is unique in that it helps determine not only the presence of a reading disorder but also the specific dyslexia subtype: 

  • dysphonetic dyslexia
  • surface dyslexia
  • mixed dyslexia
  • reading comprehension defici


The fee for the FAR is $325 which includes approximately 2 hours of testing, evaluation, and written report.






FAM  (Feifer Assessment of Math)

The FAM is a comprehensive assessment of mathematics designed to examine the underlying neurodevelopmental processes that support the acquisition of proficient math skills. It is unique in that it helps identify specific subtypes of dyscalculia to help inform intervention decision making.  It comprises 19 individual subtests measuring various aspects of math fact retrieval, numeric and spatial memory, perceptual estimation skills, linguistic math concepts, and core number sense development.


The fee for the FAM is $325 which includes approximately 2 hours of testing, evaluation, and written report.






Search & Teach:


The fee for a SEARCH scan is $90.  This fee covers testing, evaluation of the test, and formulation of a TEACH plan, if necessary.  


If the SEARCH scan indicates the necessity of TEACH intervention, families have 3 TEACH plans available: 


two 45-minutes sessions per week: $50 per session

three 45-minute sessions per week:  $50 per session 

three 30-minute sessions per week:  $35 per session

five 30-minute sessions per week:  $35 per session






Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE)


Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) is a mediation designed to enhance the cognitive functions necessary for academic learning and achievement.  The fundamental assumption of the program, based on the theory and research pioneered by Professor Reuven Feuerstein (since the 1950s), is that intelligence is dynamic and modifiable, not fixed.  Thus, the program seeks to correct deficiencies in fundamental thinking skills, provide students with the concepts, skills, strategies, operations, and techniques necessary to function as independent learners, to diagnose, and to help students learn how to learn.   


Designed to be presented as a 2 or 3 year program in three levels, FIE consists of fourteen instruments.  FIE material is free of specific subject matter, yet it is intended to be bridged to academic school subjects and life skills.  FIE is used with a variety of age groups and populations, culturally diverse, gifted students, and the learning disabled, as well as with "typical" learners in elementary through college levels and beyond.   


60-minute session:  $60 per session 



Lorri Wilke is a Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment trainer, which means if you gather a group of educators or parents who desire Feuerstein Standard or Basic training, she can come to you. Cost depends on location, travel, and number of participants. Lorri has taught Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) Standard and Basic courses to adult learners in Washington state, Missouri, and Virginia, and she would love to come to you too!  






  Lorri Wilke